We have a message we want to share with the world! The national branding of the Equally Yoked© name is foremost in our future and will help us reach even more Christian singles.

Our members being our most important asset will be served well by our commanding market dominance. We will continue to attract the most and best of Christian singles available. We will increase the benefits of an Equally Yoked membership by offering our members choice, convenience and control. We continue to innovate and change while our values remain firmly on the Christian rock. We will continue to modernize our methods while our values stay rooted in tradition.

Our role as a Christian center for business and personal improvement will increase in the future.

Equally Yoked© cross marketing opportunities abound as companies interested in a loyal committed membership, and who share similar customer demographics become aware of our commanding position in the Christian single market. Equally Yoked© is selective in choosing affinity partners as we look to encourage productive CO programs that will enhance the Equally Yoked© reputation while providing value-added benefits to our members. The benefits of partnering with the largest Christian singles membership club in the country attract numerous offers. The benefits in combining the purchasing power of our membership are obvious.

Partner programs must result in tangible benefits to both parties. Companies involved with fashion, education, sports, travel, recreation and other lifestyle choices will find common ground at Equally Yoked©. Our member is in their most active and well-compensated years. Our Equally Yoked© member may begin a relationship with your company.

Equally Yoked© explores relationships with partner companies as a growth and vision sector of the company.

However, the most important partnership of all is between Equally Yoked© and each members.


Equally Yoked © is a social club for Christian singles with local member centers and thousands of members. Join one of our Centers and meet like minded singles in your area and across the nation.

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