How Do I Join?

A two step program:

Step One is to contact us:

Whether you choose to inquire on the phone or email the first step is yours to make. Look under Member Centers on our Website for a member center near you. You will be contacted promptly.

If no member center is near you click on the "no center near you button". You can still join Equally Yoked easily. You will be contacted and authorized to join.

Step Two is to enroll:

After you decide membership is for you the sign up process is fun. You will be assigned a user name for the Intranet and you will choose a password. You will then have access to single Christians in your area and across the country.


We provide a path for members to meet one another in our member profiles and some centers offer events. Our cruise is a wonderful way for members to meet!

Our Intranet for members is easy to use from the first "click". Meeting members is easy. Everyone is a real person, who they say they are, and waiting to be contacted. There is an easy process for contacting your local representative if you need assistance.

Getting involved is a key element in making your membership successful. One of the great things of becoming a member of Equally Yoked� is the flexibility a membership offers. You can get involved at your own pace. You can enjoy the fellowship of other single Christians and utilize the member library for one-on-one meetings at your own pace. Some members are not interested in marriage right away so they want a more fellowship and casual dating experience. Some members are looking to become Equally Yoked, all in God's timing.


Equally Yoked © is a social club for Christian singles with local member centers and thousands of members. Join one of our Centers and meet like minded singles in your area and across the nation.

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