First Name: Tom
Age: 43
Ht: 6'1"/189
City of Residence: Los Angeles
Occupation: CAD Engineer
Educational Background: BA/Georgetown
I am: Divorced, Final 4/97 Married Once -12 Years
Race: Scotch/Irish ancestry
Will you date other races? I've always dated within my race but it depends on the person.
How many Children: 0
Children At Home? N/A
Will you date Someone with children? Yes
Tobacco? No
Occasional Alcohol? Yes
I prefer that Others not smoke and drink lightly
Denomination: Non-Denominational

Level of Church Activity: I attend Oak Park United Methodist Church / Sunday school. I also participate in Church activities during the week.

When I Accepted Jesus Christ As My Savior: I first accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior when I was 16 years old, and I affirmed my acceptance through baptism at that time. Ministry Interests and/or Visions: I have no aspirations for formal ministry. I try to serve God by witness and example through my daily activities.

I Describe Myself As:I like my occupation and enjoy performing it well but I seek balance in my life between work and my other interests. I am ambitious. If I had someone to share the time with or something to really look forward to, I would make the time. I enjoy good jokes and like upbeat people. I consider myself fairly outgoing, even-tempered, considerate, fair, conscientious and studious. I also like to keep in shape.

Hobbies/Activities I enjoy: My interests include exercise, church activities, spending time with friends and family, volunteering, and reading. I enjoy many outdoor activities including mountain biking, hiking, and jogging. I do some weight lifting to stay in shape. When I'm home, I'm always reading - my Bible, other Christian literature, novels, newspapers, etc. I occasionally dine out, see a movie or show, or go dancing with friends. My favorite TV shows are ER and Frazier. I rarely watch sports on television.

My Favorite Music: My Taste in Music is fairly broad. I like some of almost any genre including country, swing, rock, jazz, and classical. I enjoy listening to Christian contemporary music on the radio.

Favorite Foods: I prefer "healthy" foods although I like to be a bit adventurous with trying ethnic foods. I don't like fast foods but prefer a good restaurant instead.

Things I Enjoy Doing With Someone Special: Talking, dining out, dancing, Church activities, outdoor activities and especially traveling.

Traits/Habits I Like to See in Others: honesty, compassion, humor, commitment and consideration.

Traits/Habits I Can't Tolerate: pretentiousness, narcissism, and dishonesty. I avoid rude and angry people.

The Kind of Person I'm Looking For: emotionally ready for a relationship and is optimistic toward life. She is fairly athletic, intelligent and someone with whom I have compatible interests. She has a good sense of humor, is flexible and able to communicate her feelings.

My Goals at E. Y. Are: to make friends with other Christians and perhaps find a lifetime partner.


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