Equally Yoked© will focus first and foremost on our customer's ever-changing needs. We will provide the highest quality of services to Christian singles.

Our vision is to continue to build on our great reputation with innovative programs and multiple member benefits. We will continue to elevate the Christian singles membership club to the next higher level of service.

Equally Yoked© has a message of hope to share with Christian singles everywhere. We are students of the challenges Christian singles face when looking for a place to meet other Christian singles. We believe Equally Yoked¬© members dramatically improve their social life and partnering options by joining our nationwide membership.

Our vision is for a better world.

The divorce rate has risen to an unacceptable high. Social problems increase as families are torn apart. Poor mate selection has tragic consequence. Careers limit the amount of time required to develop a healthy social life. The demands of single parenting, pressures of society, and no quality avenue for meeting Christian singles makes the situation seem hopeless. Most people depend upon chance to meet a compatible partner, essentially looking for a "needle in the hay stack."

Equally Yoked© has develop an organized approach to this problem by finding screening and enrolling quality Christian singles our members desire to meet. Our system is designed to address the unique needs of Christian singles. That is our expertise.

That is why thousands of Christian singles are making the wise choice of joining Equally Yoked©.

Equally Yoked© Vision Statement:

Equally Yoked© is committed to being a safe and private community for Christian singles to grow personally, socially, spiritually, and intellectually, while establishing healthy Christ-centered fellowship, relationships, and marriages within God's timing.


Equally Yoked © is a social club for Christian singles with local member centers and thousands of members. Join one of our Centers and meet like minded singles in your area and across the nation.

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